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For Clinical Care

Be more deliberate with your practice.


Deliberate’s analysis tools integrate seamlessly with your existing clinical workflow to enhance your productivity, track patient outcomes, and focus on what matters most.


Our state-of-the-art machine learning models provide automatically-generated severity and alliance scores, reducing bias and saving you and your patients time by removing the need for questionnaires, while our real-time analysis runs quietly in the background of your session and provides you with tools and insights to identify the most important moments to review or share with a supervisor. Scroll down to learn more about how you can make your practice more deliberate.


Your caseload at-a-glance.

Preparation for the day’s sessions is made easy as Deliberate’s platform integrates with your existing workflow. Your patient list is enriched with outcome trends and compliance tracking on assignments, and the most critical patients are front-and-center. Deliberate provides feedback and insights on how to address things you may have missed in-session.


Focus on the session in front of you.

Deliberate’s analysis tools work in real-time and can integrate with your telehealth platform to allow you to focus on your patient. No notes are required as Deliberate provides auto-transcription, speaker identification, and annotations to mark important moments.


Deliberate’s advanced machine learning tools support your treatment with quick references to the patient’s most recent outcome measures, patient engagement, and reminders to bring up important topics.


Review what matters most.

With Deliberate, there’s no need to rely on your memory for session review at the end of the day. 

Deliberate securely and automatically records, uploads, and stores your therapy sessions for review with a simple telehealth integration.


Deliberate identifies critical sessions via automated risk assessments, making supervision easy with sharing options, commenting and tagging. For sessions that don't need deeper review, you can quickly confirm the session's auto-generated outcome measures, transcript, and auto-summary with templates to send to your EHR.

Ready to learn more?

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