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For Clinical Care

Be more deliberate with your practice.


We understand the frustration around organizing and understanding patient data, so we’ve partnered clinicians with leading academics and the best computer scientists to solve this challenge. We empower you with the most advanced science and technology to continuously improve patient outcomes, save time, and increase revenue.

We currently provide solutions for scientific measurement based care, treatment recording analytics, and clinical assessments, and we have exciting additional solutions coming soon. Please scroll down to learn more.


Scientific Measurement-Based Care (MBC)

Measurement-based care improves patient outcomes, but collecting responses from patients takes effort and conducting structured assessments is time-consuming.

Our platform makes it easy to collect, analyze, and review patient data whenever you need it while enhancing patient engagement.


Treatment Recording Analytics

Implementing routine recording can seem daunting, prompting questions about patient consent, privacy, and security, while the main benefits are not always easy to realize.

Deliberate makes it easy for you to record safely and achieve immediate benefits. Our treatment recording analytics platform ensures HIPAA-compliance and uses the latest computational methods to help you save time and engage in deliberate practice. We help you write better notes more quickly, and identify important moments for focused and efficient review or supervision.


Clinical Assessments

Most of the time we rely on what our patients tell us or how they respond in self-report measures. However, patients experience and express symptoms differently, and many of the disorders we treat create biases and distortions.


Structured clinical interviews and tests are the gold-standard for reliable and comparable patient assessments. Deliberate provides highly accurate and reliable diagnostic and severity assessments that can be conducted remotely.


Our approach uses the latest science delivered by our specialized clinical team. Our assessment services augment your practice and are reimbursable in most cases. They allow for data-driven treatment plans and gold-standard outcome measures required for research initiatives or payer discussions.

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