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Deliberate offers an intuitive platform to collect session-by-session measures of client outcomes and alliance, secure HIPAA-compliant therapy recording storage, and automatic session transcriptions and summaries. We provide automatic client survey reminders with customizable schedules that you can set yourself. The Deliberate platform flags client responses on suicide or self-harm risk items and provides visualizations of outcome trends to help you identify clients that may need more attention. Recordings can be easily shared to supervisors with time-stamped annotations for feedback and review.

The Deliberate platform is built to connect effortlessly to your workflow, and we offer dedicated support to tailor the platform to your clients and clinical needs. It can also be used to facilitate deliberate practice of therapy skills with support for both in-person and teletherapy recordings. We have teletherapy integrations such as Zoom available and a simple subscription-based payment model for both organizations and independent clinicians.


Supervision is made simple through secure video sharing within the Deliberate platform: time-stamped comments and annotations, session transcripts, and advanced session analysis tools allow for asynchronous review of the treatment process. The supervisor dashboard centralizes survey and video data across supervisees, allowing you to track shared sessions and client outcome trajectories to determine which sessions might warrant further attention and identify micro-skills for deliberate practice. With the Deliberate platform, supervision becomes focused and intentional.

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Clinic Directors.

As a clinic director, the Deliberate platform provides insights to help you manage clinicians across your organization and quickly identify clients that may be at-risk of drop-out or self-harm. The clinic director dashboard gives you a high-level overview of compliance and outcome trends across clinicians with the ability to drill down into specific session-by-session client progress. Use the platform to identify clinicians that may require additional training and objectively measure your clinic’s metrics over time. You can have peace of mind knowing that your clinic caseload data is all securely stored on our HIPAA-compliant cloud servers.

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Deliberate provides therapy tools to help your therapist provide you with the best treatment possible, attuned to your individual needs. It gives you as a client a way to track your changes in treatment through simple self-report surveys and gives your therapist the opportunity to watch back your sessions and identify what is working and what is not. We treat your survey responses and session recordings with extreme care. We’ve implemented strict protocols to protect your data, which is stored on our safe HIPAA-compliant cloud servers and only accessible by authorized staff. 

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Pioneering data-driven insights and progress monitoring
for mental healthcare.

The Deliberate platform supports clinicians in the collection, analysis and clinical use of client outcome measures and video recordings of sessions.
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